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About Us

Winners at K-Startup Grand Challenge 2019

Ekimport.com - Crowd Importing Platform

The idea of Crowd Importing (What is Crowd Importing?) via Ekimport.com was conceived in India and was accelerated in South Korea as a part of the K-startup Grand Challenge in 2019. As one of the top 4 winning startups, Ekimport promoted and exported products of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to the world.

Ekimport Team is a Crowd Curator

Ekimport.com - Crowd Importing Platform

Ekimport team consists of professionals from international trade and logistics, market research and international marketing, business development and sales. Under the leadership of the founder and CEO Mr. Naveen Peter, the team is on a mission to curate crowds of credible exporters and international SME* buyers to make importing and international sourcing faster, cheaper and more reliable.

*SME: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise, where a small-sized enterprise typically employs less than 50 people and has a turnover of less than US $10M, while a medium-sized enterprise employs between 50 to 250 people and has a turnover between US$10M to US$50M.

Ekimport.com - a Crowd Importing Platform:

Ekimport.com - Crowd Importing Platform

Ekimport.com is a crowd importing platform that curates two types of crowds:

  1. Crowd of Credible Exporters:

    The crowd of credible exporters for a given product is curated specifically to quickly provide multiple competitive B2B quotes (quotations) to importers who buy in large quantities.

    Such importers can send an RFQ (Request For Quote) to a crowd of credible exporters for a given product by going to the section “CROWD QUOTES” on Ekimport.com. The importers can then receive multiple competitive B2B quotes from the crowd of credible exporters quickly.

  2. Crowd of International SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) Buyers:

    The crowd of International SME buyers is curated specifically to help purchase of a product in small quantity at wholesale price and no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) by an international SME buyer who is interested in a few samples, placing small trial orders or whose purchase size is smaller than than a typical MOQ needed for receiving competitive wholesale pricing.

    The international SME buyer can join a crowd of other international SME buyers for a given product by booking a Crowd Import Deal in the section “CROWD IMPORTS” on Ekimport.com. In this way, the international SME buyer can take advantage of the crowd of other international SME buyers curated by Ekimport.com to buy in small quantities and yet be able to get low wholesale prices!